How it works?

Learn more about Strato HAB’s.

What does a HAB consist of?

High altitude balloon is a structure that consists of:

  1. a box with equipment and cameras
  2. shell filled with gas (in our case — helium)
  3. parachute
  4. stabilizer block and corner reflector — optional.

Due to the fact that the gas in the shell weighs less than air, a sufficient amount of it creates a strong ascentional power.

This power raises the HAB to an altitude of up to 30-40 kilometers (100 000 – 130 000 ft).

What is inside the box?

In the box with the equipment there are: several trackers of different types (for tracking movement), batteries that power the cameras, heat insulators and a microcomputer.

On the illustration on the right:

  1. Box with equipment
  2. Cameras
  3. Antenna
  4. Focal object / Payload

The hollow interior and lightweight carbon frame serve as the basis of the design for the box with equipment and focal object. Two cameras are pointed at the focal object.

Where will it fly?

HAB’s belong to the category of unmanned flight vehicles.

It is not possible to control the flight route of the HAB’s today, but it is possible to simulate the route.

Using the NOAA GFS model, we predict the exact altitude and flight route of our HAB’s.

Is it safe?

  • Absolutely. Each launch of the stratostat is accompanied by flight control authorities.
  • All launches take place far from populated areas and air routes.
  • On launch day, an aeronautical warning is sent out for aircraft in the sky.
  • HAB’s are equipped with corner reflectors to ensure visibility by radars.
  • HAB’s are equipped with a parachute to ensure a soft landing.


The Strato team launches high-altitude balloons for research and advertising purposes. High-altitude balloons are a multifunctional tool for scientific and marketing activities.

Our mission is to make near space accessible to all comers. In addition, among the priority tasks, we see the development of the aerospace sector in Ukraine and abroad.

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