The Strato team consists of technical engineers and advertising specialists. This approach has allowed us to combine science and commerce, creating a unique combination – video from space service.

Philip Samarets

Philip Samarets

Team Lead

Philip is a founder and team lead of Strato. He is a professional IT specialist with background in Product Design.
Maksym Maksymenko

Maksym Maksymenko

Senior Engineer

Maksym is a skilled hardware engineer with more that 5 years of professional experience.
Arthur Melkumov

Arthur Melkumov

Electronics Engineer

Arthur is a talented software and electronics engineer with more that 3 years of experience in this areas.

Media about us

Innovation House

‘You can create incredible content in the stratosphere. After all, the view of the Earth from there is not much different from the view from space. Cosmos Agency project team.’

Opinion UA

«In Ukraine, there is no alternative to the Cosmos Agency initiative, at least for projects that work constantly and do not carry out single launches …»

M1 music channel

«The award reached an altitude of 27,105 meters! As part of the special report of “M1 Music Awards News”, M1 viewers could watch this extraordinary event live…»

‘The launch was dedicated to cosmonaut Leonid Kadeniuk, and his portrait on board the stratostat once again symbolically took to the sky. Team…’


The Strato team launches high-altitude balloons for research and advertising purposes. High-altitude balloons are a multifunctional tool for scientific and marketing activities.

Our mission is to make nearspace launches affordable and accessible to everyone.

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