Microsatellites are taking over the world in strides. One has only to recall the global Internet project, as anyone more or less familiar with the news of solutions will remember Elon Musk and the Space Internet project.
Thanks to the availability of parts, open drawings and code, the microsatellite can be assembled almost at home. This satellite geometry is called Cubesat (microsatellite, nanosatellite) – it is a square block of 10x10x10 cm and weighs up to 1 kg. They are also combined in stacks of 3-9 pieces.

Microsatellites tests in Ukraine

It is not possible to launch a satellite into space from the territory of Ukraine, but it is possible to test it in conditions as close to space as possible. The Strato team offers a microsatellite launch service to the stratosphere and back.
Due to the fact that the temperature at an altitude of 30-40 km is from -56 to -70 degrees Celsius, the pressure is hundreds of times lower than at sea level, and the atmosphere is almost completely absent (vacuum) the conditions necessary for validity testing of all CubeSat systems are created.

Where and how do launches take place?

We carry out launches on the territory of Ukraine, in places as far away from residential points and air travel routes as possible. The heights to which the stratostat can rise range from 30 to 40 km. The flight takes one and a half to two hours.
We work according to international standards of safe launches. We never pollute the atmosphere and always find our stratostats after landing. In the future, we are going to obtain a license for certification of microsatellites.