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in stratosphere


Unique video of your object in stratosphere!
We will send your payload to an altitude of 40 km (130000 ft) and back. Onboard cameras will record the flight in 5K quality.


Strato — Video from space — HAB's in Ukraine

Video from stratosphere

The Strato team launches high-altitude balloons for research and advertising purposes. High-altitude balloons are a multifunctional tool for scientific and marketing activities. High altitude ballons is multifunctional tool for marketing and scientific purpoces.

To startups

Tear up Kickstarter and Indiegogo – launch your product into space.

Space launch is:

  • A bright media event that will be picked up with interest by the latest and most technological resources.
  • Up to 4 hours of high-quality 4K and 360°video of product in space for your Kickstarter advertising and video.

Scientific launches

Does a University, School, or scientific institution want to arrange a scientific flight into the stratosphere? We’ll help you. We will help.

  • measurement of atmospheric contamination
  • cosmic radiation
  • weather information and much more.

To business

Do you have a product, a budget, but no idea how to advertise it? We know exactly what you need!

  • Mass media attention
  • attracting a wide audience
  • live broadcasts
  • exclusive media content.

The result is up-selling and brand awareness.

To individuals

Selfie against the Earth from space? — Like shooting ducks on a pond. Your 3D figurine, art object, anything valuable and significant for you.

Do not limit your imagination in choosing the object that you want to see in space.

Any object that has been in space acquires a special value and becomes a collectible item.


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Case: FC Shakhtar Donetsk and Parimatch Ukraine

The Strato team helped Parimatch Ukraine launch FC Shakhtar Donetsk T-shirt into the stratosphere and back.

Case: Nuka

The Strato team helped the Ukrainian startup Nuka rise into the stratosphere. The eternal notebook and eternal pencil made a journey into the unknown.

Case: M1 Music Awards

The Strato team helped M1 TV channel implement its first space mission! The statuette “M1 Music Awards” reached a height of 27 kilometers and dramatically returned to the Earth.

Case: Silpo, Ukrainian Borscht in stratosphere

The Strato team helped the Ukrainian brand Silpo raise buckwheat baguette and real Ukrainian borshch to the stratosphere. T his campaign was got at a huge success and resonance in the media.

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Own HAB workshop

We assemble HAB’s in the FabLab laboratory / workshop in the center of Unit City.

Mass media about us

‘Strato Ukraine does not want to limit itself to one video content. The scientific research and even, perhaps, space tourism are on their roadmap…’

Channel 24

‘Strato Ukraine is a startup of guys from Kyiv who shoot unusual commercials at an altitude of 30 kilometers from the Earth’s surface.’

Location space. Strato Ukraine record objects in stratosphere.

‘You are neither Bezos nor Musk. And also you live in Ukraine. Does this mean that you have no chance of launching your own space startup? Hardly that, they believe in Cosmos…’

‘The launch was dedicated to cosmonaut Leonid Kadeniuk, and his portrait on board the stratostat once again symbolically took to the sky. Team…’

Innovation House

‘You can create incredible content in the stratosphere. After all, the view of the Earth from there is not much different from the view from space. Cosmos Agency project team.’

‘The award reached an altitude of 27,105 meters! As part of the special report of ‘M1 Music Awards News’, M1 viewers could watch this extraordinary event live.’


The Strato team launches high-altitude balloons for research and advertising purposes. High-altitude balloons are a multifunctional tool for scientific and marketing activities.

Our mission is to make nearspace launches affordable and accessible to everyone.

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