Space for startups

Tear up Kickstarter and Indiegogo – launch your product into space.

Space launch is:

  • A bright media event that will be picked up with interest by the latest and most technological resources..
  • Up to 4 hours of high-quality 5K and 360°video of product in space for your Kickstarter advertising and video.
  • A way to impress investors
  • A way to stand out from boring startups and much more!

Навіщо потрібнеВідео з космосу?


Upgrade social networks

Multiply your Instagram, Facebook and Youtube subscribers.


Attract media attention

A bright media event that will be noticed by the media.


Get high-quality content

Hours of 5K and 360° video, photos of the object against the background of Space, Launch Video.


Outperform your competitors

Set your own rhythm for the development of your field of activity.


Raise the level

«Our development has been in space. And yours?» — said one PR Manager to another.


Simply - this is space

A historic moment for the brand, a reason to be proud and remember.

8 перевагВідео из космосу

In addition, your object will rise to an altitude 4 times higher than passenger aircraft fly and fall into space with space conditions …

Unique placement

A brand that has a shot at space in Ukraine!

The perfect media event

News of the stratospheric launch will disintegrate in the media at lightning speed.

Audience attention

Attracting the attention of an audience, including progressive and young people.

Unique content

Create unique content – launch videos (5K + 360 °) and product photos in the stratosphere, against the background of the Earth from space.

Brand in the spotlight

Your brand is the main character of the launch.

Engaging your audience

Connect with your audience during launch, Youtube broadcast, Instagram TV.

Try something new

Move away from standard solutions.

Space is trending

Everything related to space is constantly covered in the media.

Launch displayed in numbers

kilograms — the average weight of the object

kilometers average flight altitude

thousands of people watched the launch of the M1

hours of video material from each launch

persons in the launch team

What can be launched into the stratosphere?

Smartphones and tablets

Electronics of small size

Equipment and 3D models

Tickets, postcards, and photos

Gifts and giftcards

Toys and Sporting Goods

Books, magazines

Clothing and jewelry

Food and fastfood

Beverages and alcohol


Take a look at the pictures from previos launches:

Stratospheric launches



Launches do not harm the environment. HAB returns to Earth in full configuration. 90% of HAB elements are reused.


Absolutely safe and documented

All launches take place far from populated areas and air routes. Each launch is approved in a number of authorities and supported by documents.


Interesting to watch

We will make an extremely interesting event out of a “usual” stratospheric launch for your audience.


Developing solutions

The solutions that we use for stratospheric launches are extremely important for the development of the Ukrainian aerospace industry.

Start preparing for launch

Заповніть простий бриф на зйомку відео в космосі. На основі отриманої інформації ми сформуємо вартість і визначимо терміни запуску.

Fill out a brief

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Strato ??

The Strato team launches high-altitude balloons for research and advertising purposes. High-altitude balloons are a multifunctional tool for scientific and marketing activities.

Our mission is to make near space accessible to all comers. In addition, among the priority tasks, we see the development of the aerospace sector in Ukraine and abroad.

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Address in Kyiv:
st. Leiptsyzka 3-a. Kyiv

Unit City, st. Dorohozhytska, 1. Kyiv