Advertising in space

Advertising is present everywhere: in movies, on TV, on the internet. Advertising and marketing agencies around the world shoot videos and write advertising texts, come up with new promotions to attract the audience’s attention, increase brand engagement and recognition.

Advertising has long reached space. Astronauts of NASA and Roscosmos take popular products of well-known brands with them to the ISS. They make branding of space equipment and even Rockets. The Strato Ukraine team provides an opportunity for brands to advertise their product in space. It’s safe, it’s legal, it’s affordable.

How it works?

What we mean by advertising in space is a video shooting service in the stratosphere, the material (photos and videos) that we shoot by raising the HAB with the product to a height of 30-40 km. The flight lasts one and a half to two hours.

During this time, the HAB travels enormous distances, reaches mind-boggling heights and experiences conditions as close to cosmic as possible – pressure 1000 times lower than at sea level and temperature – 60 °.

After reaching peak altitude, the helium-filled shell collapses and the balloon begins to descend, at an altitude of 12 km the parachute opens and the entire structure lands smoothly. The Strato search team finds the HAB and extracts the footage.

On-board video cameras shoot in 4K, which allows you to convey the entire scale of the event, displaying the product against the background of the Earth globe, a thin blue layer of the atmosphere and Endless Space. It is possible to use cameras with a 360-degree round-up.

Stratosphere or space?

Until 2021, the boundary between the atmosphere and space was considered the Karman line – a conventional line that runs at an altitude of 103 kilometers, but recent observationsof scientists have helped to draw conclusions that negate this conclusion, the boundary of space has moved 20 km lower – the official boundary of space is at an altitude of 82 kilometers.

Only HAB can reach heights of 30 to 45 kilometers and hang there for a long period of time. Feel free to contact us!